Katherine Stapleton

About me

I am an Economist in the World Bank's Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice. I am also a Research Associate at Oxford University's Department of Economics and Center for the Study of African Economies and an External Research Fellow at the UK's Institute for the Future of Work.

My work focuses on international trade, emerging technologies, innovation, climate policy and development. In September 2020 I completed my PhD in Economics from Oxford University and have since also worked in the World Bank's Development Economics Research Group's Trade and International Integration unit.  I was previously a Visiting Researcher at Stanford's Department of Economics, a Fellow of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission and a Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute


Did the 2022 energy crisis accelerate the diffusion of low-carbon technologies?

with Paulo Bastos, Jacob Greenspon and Daria Taglioni

Paper  VoxEU Summary

Unravelling deep integration: Local labour market effects of the Brexit vote

with Beata Javorcik, Ben Kett & Layla O'Kane

Forthcoming at Journal of the European Economic Association

Paper  VoxEU Summary

Did the 2018 trade war improve job opportunities for US workers?

with Beata Javorcik, Ben Kett and Layla O'Kane

Forthcoming at the Journal of International Economics


AI and services-led growth: Evidence from Indian job adverts

with Alex Copestake, Max Marczinek and Ashley Pople 

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Media: The Economist IMF Research Perspectives

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