Katherine Stapleton

About me

I am an economist working on trade, emerging technologies, clean energy innovation, climate policy and development  I am currently an Economist in the World Bank's Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice. In September 2020 I completed my PhD in Economics from Oxford University and have since also worked in the World Bank's Development Economics Research Group's Trade and International Integration unit.  

I am a Visiting Researcher at Oxford University's Center for the Study of African Economies and an External Research Fellow at the UK's Institute for the Future of Work. I was previously a Visiting Researcher at Stanford's Department of Economics, a Fellow of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission and a Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute. I am also passionate about using data science and machine learning to tackle environmental and social challenges and was previously a Program Director for the Rhodes AI Lab and on the Climate Change AI team.


Automation, trade and multinational activity: Micro evidence from Spain

with Michael Webb

Paper  Media: VoxEU The Economist CEPR Podcast

Unravelling deep integration: Local labour market effects of the Brexit vote

with Beata Javorcik, Ben Kett & Layla O'Kane

R&R at Journal of the European Economic Association

Paper  VoxEU Summary

Did the 2018 trade war improve job opportunities for US workers?

with Beata Javorcik, Ben Kett and Layla O'Kane

R&R at the Journal of International Economics


AI and services-led growth: Evidence from Indian job adverts

with Alex Copestake, Max Marczinek and Ashley Pople 

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